• Queer Modernisms
  • Authorship, Text and the Renaissance Stage (mit theaterpraktischen Anteilen, in Kooperation mit Karen Robinson (Kennesaw State University und Jeannette Böttcher (Universität Paderborn))
  • Ken Loach and Social Criticism
  • Complicity and the Politics of Representation
  • Shakespeare Adaptations and Appropriations
  • Of Prisoners and Their Gaolers: Prisons in the British Cultural Imagination
  • Literary Theory
  • Queer Fiction
  • The Politics of Bloodshed: Macbeth ‘Reborn’ (Cultural Studies)
  • Virginia Woolf


  • The Body in Contemporary British Culture
  • Marginal Modernisms and Gender Politics
  • Transgenderism and British Culture
  • Narrative Ethics and the Contemporary Novel
  • A Survey of British Poetry (mit theaterpraktischen Anteilen)
  • Renaissance Poetry
  • Shakespeare’s Tragedies (mit theaterpraktischen Anteilen)
  • The Social Construction of Realism: Dickens and HBO’s The Wire
  • Modernism and the Middlebrow (Cultural Studies)
  • Queer Fiction (Cultural Studies)
  • Total Institutions in the British Literary and Cultural Imagination
  • The Sonnet through the Ages (mit theaterpraktischen Anteilen)
  • Charles Dickens: Gendered Expectations
  • Siding with the Outlaw(ed): British Literature and Prison Reform
  • British Poetry (mit Christoph Singer)
  • A Survey of British Queer Fiction (Literary Studies)
  • Shakespeare’s Women (mit theaterpraktischen Anteilen)
  • Prisons, Schools and Madhouses: Institutions in British Literature
  • Analysing and Interpreting Literary Texts
  • Introduction to Literary Studies (VL)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies

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